TBAT is RIN’s newest sponsor

Rail Infrastructure Networking (RIN) is pleased to announce a new addition to its long list of sponsors: TBAT Innovation Ltd.

TBAT Innovation is a niche consultancy, providing support for research and development (R&D) organisations throughout the UK; accessing grant funding, R&D tax credits and scoping innovation opportunities for technology companies for nearly 15 years.

The company’s unique skill set has enabled its teams to achieve consistently high success rates across all UK and EU research and development grant funding schemes, as well as a proven 100% track record in claiming tax relief from HMRC.

The addition of TBAT adds yet another dimension to RIN’s every-growing list of sponsors. These include: Jobson James Rail – the specialist rail insurance broker; Mercury Group – the marketing and communications business well-known for its work with rail businesses in the private and voluntary sectors; PPS Rail Ltd. – offering bespoke planning, staffing and training solutions to the UK rail industry; PRB Consulting – providing health, safety, quality and training services; TechnoRail – offering the total high security package for rail clients; Selectequip – maintenance consumables, signage and safety supplies to multiple industry sectors; and the Railway Industry Association (RIA) – representing UK-based suppliers to the worldwide rail industry.